About Us

The Society of State Advocates and Prosecutors of South Africa, with acronym “SSAPSA”, is a trade union duly registered in terms of section 96(7)(a) of the Labour Relations Act, 1995 (Act No 66 of 1995), and is as such a body corporate with perpetual succession, formed not for gain.

The society seeks to promote professionalism and knowledge within the profession, specifically to:

  • promote an effective prosecution service;
  • regulate relations between its members and their employer;
  • promote the status and interests of its members;
  • affiliate with and participate in international prosecuting bodies;
  • promote, support or oppose proposed legislation or other measures affecting the interests of its members;
  •  encourage and assist by lawful means the settlement of disputes between its members and their employer;
  • use every legitimate means to induce employees to become members;
  • do such lawful things as may appear to be in the interest of the trade union and its members and which are not inconsistent with the objects or any matter specifically provided for in this Constitution; and
  • borrow, invest, lend, subscribe or donate money for the furtherance of the objects of the trade union.

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